What Channel Is USFL On DirecTV?[Quick Guide](2022)

You can watch the USFL on Fox Sports 1 HD, which is broadcast on channel 219 of DirectTV, USA Network, which is broadcast on channel 242, NBC Sports, which is broadcast on channel 220 of DirectTV, and FOX, which is broadcast on channel 359 of DirectTV.

We have outlined the various channel kinds and their corresponding channel numbers in this article so that you may determine which channel is USFL on the DirecTV Streaming service.

About USFL

The United States Football League is known as the USFL games. These games are held in Birmingham, Alabama between the 16th of April – the 3rd of July 2022. The venue of the games was Protective Stadium Legion Field.  

Now coming to the important question, what channel is USFL on DirecTV? 43 games will be held by the United States Football League. Out of these 43 games, 40 will be regular season games and 3 are post-season games. Thus you can watch all the games on DirectTV streaming. 

Gams Details If USFL: 

Before we get into knowing what channel is USFL on DirecTV, let’s first understand what the game consists of in-depth. The championship has 43 games with four games scheduled for a week, two payoffs, and the final championship game. 

There are two divisions, North and South and each of the divisions have four teams, with eight teams in total. Each team has 38 players along with a practice squad of 7 players. Each team gets to face another team twice and any of the two games gets the venue as Protective Stadium and Legion Field. The championship is hosted at the Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium. 

About DirecTV

DirecTV streaming service is an OTT internet Television streaming service. The platform is owned by AT&T and TPG Capital. This platform offers premium streaming services and quality features at a budget-friendly price. 

The platform has over 140 plus channels and around 65,000 on demand content. You also get access to popular streaming applications with the service. 

We have looked into the subscription package for your benefit:

  • ENTERTAINMENT Package: 65+ channels, 40,000 tiles for $69.99/ monthly 
  • CHOICE Package: 90+ channels, 45,000 tiles for $84.9/ monthly
  • ULTIMATE Package: 130+ channels, 55,000 tiles for $94.99/monthly 
  • PREMIER Package: 140+ channels, 65,000 tiles for $139.99/ monthly

Features Of DirecTV

With DirecTV, you can stream on multiple devices on up to 20 screens. The platform offers a trial period for service of 7 days. You also get to access Spanish-language video content along with content from Brazil and South Korea and other international content. All of these features and services are available for a reasonable price. 

What Channel Is USFL On DirecTV: The Reveal

 what channel is USFL on DirecTV

You can use the channel numbers mentioned below to watch the USFL games on your DirecTV.

Channel Name: Fox Sports 1 HD

Airing on: 219

Channel Name: USA Network

Airing on: 242

Channel Name: NBC Sports

Airing on: 220

Channel Name: FOX

Airing on: 359

What Channel Is USFL On Tonight?

The USFL game will be broadcast on Fox or the CNBC network tonight  

Watch USFL free online

To watch the USFL games for free, you need to subscribe to a streaming service that will give you a free trial period upon signing up. Thankfully DirecTV offers a seven-day free trial period. 

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What Channel Is The Rams Game On DirecTV

 what channel is USFL on DirecTV

You can watch the Rams game on DirecTV on the following channels: 

  • NBC Sports 
  • NFL Network 
  • Fox Deportes 
  • CBS Sports 
  • ESPN Deportes 
  • Red Zone 
  • NFL Sunday Ticket 

What Are The Subscription Plans Of DirecTV To Watch USFL?

The subscription plan of DirecTV to watch USFL is the following:

Stream Subscription Package
$59.99/month 65+ channels Unlimited cloud DVR storage. 40,000+ on-demand titles Regional sports network not included$79.99/month 90+ channels Unlimited cloud DVR storage. 45,000+ on-demand titles Regional sports network included.  $94.99/month 130+ channels Unlimited cloud DVR storage. 55,000+ on-demand titles Regional sports network included.  $139.99/month 140+ channels Unlimited cloud DVR storage. 65,000+ on-demand titles Regional sports network included.
Satellite Subscription Package
$74.99/month 160+ channels  $79.99/month 185+ channels  $99.99/month 250+ channels  $149.99/month 330+ channels  

The platform offers four top plans that offer premium services at a reasonable price. 

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What Devices Can Be Used To Watch USFL On DirecTV?

You can download and use the DirecTV app on many devices including tablets, smartphones, and on TV streaming services like Roku, Amazon Fire Tv Stick, Apple TV, and Chromecast. The complete list of devices includes: 

  • Amazon Fire TV Stick
  • Android Phone
  • Android Tablets
  • iOS devices
  • Google Chromecast and Browser.
  • Roku
  • Samsung Smart TVs (a few models)

How To Stream USFL For Free?

 what channel is USFL on DirecTV

It’s possible to watch USG for free, but for that, you need to subscribe to a streaming service that offers a free trial period after the subscription. The following service providers stream USFL for free during their trial period: 

  • DirecTV Stream
  • Fubo TV

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What channel is USFL on today?
The USFL is on tonight on FOX and NBC. FSI and USA Network. 

2. How can I watch USFL on TV?
Though there are some amazing streaming services like DirecTV, Hulu, and Fubo Tv, you can watch the USFL game on TV from the FOX and NBC network. 

3. How can I watch USFL 2022?
You can watch the USFL 2022, every Sunday night during this Football season on NBC and Peacock. Or, you can opt for any of the cool streaming services to watch the game on your own time. 

4. What channel is the game on DIRECTV?
You can watch the game on NBC Sports, FOX, FS1, and the USA Network on DirecTV. The channel numbers are: 

  • NBC – 4(New York City, NY), 8(Portland, OR), 4(Nashville, TN), 2(Huston, TX)
  • USA Network – 242
  • FS1 – 219
  • FOX – 359


As mentioned in this article, you can watch USFL on DirecTV on the channels mentioned above. Some of the subscription plans will offer you a free trial period and you can well decide to watch the USFL for free during that time on DirecTV. We have covered what you need to know to watch the game. We hope you have a blast! 

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