Everything About A Secondary In Football

Generally, the NFL football team consists of multiple categories of players including offense, defense, and special teams. Now, these categories can also be divided into sub-categories.

Well, a football secondary is made of cornerbacks and safeties in the defense part. All they have to do is to prevent a big play by ceasing the passing game during a football match.

They will also be able to use zone or man-to-man coverage during the match. So, the secondary in football are the defensive players whose job is to defend or prevent deep passes.

Now, all that you have read here are a general overview. I will tell you about a secondary in football in detail in the below sections. So, keep reading.

What Are The Positions That Play In The Secondary In Football?

The NFL secondary is nothing but a sub-category of the defensive players. Now, you will be able to notice two types of positions that play in the secondary in a football match. These positions include:

1.        Cornerbacks

2.       Safeties

Now, it is quite obvious that any player in a football team can play in the secondary sub-category. However, you will be able to see certain physical features in safeties and cornerbacks that make them perfect to fit in the secondary division.

As for the safeties, they have to play in the deep position of the field on each play. Their job is the same as the centerfield players in a baseball match.

As for the cornerbacks, they have to play in the deep middle position as well. However, they have to play the match on the sideline and the field closer edges. Therefore, their job is to play wider than the safety players.

All these two positions are equally important in the defense part of an NFL football match.

How Do The Players Play In The Secondary In Football?

The players of secondary football will definitely require intelligence, athleticism, high skills, and aggression during a football match. They are players of the defensive part and they have a major role to play in every NFL football match. Certainly, there are some critical tasks that the secondary players have to fulfill in each match.

Now, the first and foremost rule for the secondary players (safeties and cornerbacks) is to prevent deep passes. Their second job is to run as fast as they can. Apart from these two jobs, they have to save themselves from getting beaten by a wide receiver during a football match.

You can take the example of a cornerback to understand the tasks of the secondary players. A cornerback has to defend one deep that will be a third of the match in cover 3.  Now, here, a wide receiver who is running in the route of the deep third has to cover himself. Otherwise, the defense or the secondary players may risk a touchdown or give up a big play in the match.

The job of the secondary players requires them to run in all directions of the field. So, they need to do sprinting, turning the hips, backpedaling, and other movements to fit in the secondary position. The secondary players also have to be perfect in tracking ball carriers, tackling other players, and shuffling. So, they have to move side-t0-side and laterally in the perfect way.  

As for the secondary or defensive players in the NFL football matches, they need to have a deep understanding of the angles. They have to take the right angles to cut the ball carrier off. Also, this will make them forced to stay back in the middle field so that the secondary players will be able to defend the big passes and contain other players.

What Role Do The Secondary Player Play In Football?

The role of the secondary players in football is to prevent the big passes. They have to handle the ball carrier as well. For example, there are special moments in a football match when a cornerback has to blitz in order to make extra and immense pressure on the quarterback players.

The secondary players also have the privilege to play closer to the scrimmage line. However, this situation depends on the distance and down. When they are playing closer to the scrimmage line, they will create extra support against every run play in the game.

How Many Players Are There In The Secondary In Football?

Well, the number of football secondary solely depends upon the coverage Called. Here, you will notice the 2 most common coverages called in the part of the defense. These two coverages called include cover 2 and cover 3. You will be able to notice 2 deep safeties in cover 2. Also, you will be able to see the rest of the players on defense including two linebackers and cornerbacks.  

You will be able to see two cornerbacks and 1 safety in cover 3. Their job is to defend the deep third of the field.

Free Safety

They are generally the cornerbacks. They have the ability to tackle other players during a match. Also, their job is to serve as the last line on the part of the defense. They add more coverage. Here are some of the challenging abilities that free safeties have.

1.        They have to understand the entire field and cover sideline to sideline.

2.       They need to be quicker than everyone and run at a great speed.

3.       They need to tackle the ball carriers.

Strong Safety

Strong safeties are equally important just free safeties. The job of the strong safeties is more like small linebackers. Here are some challenging qualities that strong safeties possess.

1.        They can give good pass coverage against the players who are on the part of wide receivers.

2.       They are versatile at tackling other players.

3.       They may blitz the quarterback.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is a cornerback considered secondary?

Yes. A cornerback is definitely a secondary. The players who play as cornerbacks have to prevent the big pass. Also, they have to play against the wide receivers who play for the offense part. They may blitz during special moments in order to create extra pressure. They also have to go along with the receivers to defend a pass.

2. What does secondary coach mean?

A secondary coach in the NFL is a person who takes the charge of the defense or the secondary players. That means a secondary coach takes the charge of the cornerback and the safeties. His job is to work closely on multiple aspects of the match with the defensive backs.

3. What is the hardest position in football?

Here are some hardest positions to play in football.

1.        Middle Linebacker

2.       Center

3.       Quarterback

4.       Left Tackle

5.       Cornerback

Final Words

The secondary players in football play quite a major role in every match. That is why they are considered one of the main parts of the defense.

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