Dahlberg: Hard to imagine another chance for Tebow

Tim Tebow was never easy to dislike because he never lied about who he was. There’s no doubt that the Tebowing craze started because of him. However, it was hilarious in a league that doesn’t often allow for lightheartedness.

Unfortunately, he had little to like as an NFL quarterback. Despite the fact that three clubs tried to make use of his special abilities, not even Bill Belichick was able to turn him into a respectable NFL quarterback.

ESPN will have to find alternative programming to fill up the hours spent dissecting Tebow’s every move because no one else seems willing to take the risk. Perhaps they’ll give him his own program in compensation for all the money he’s brought in over the years.

It’s possible that the end of Tebow’s NFL career will be for the best. The ability to avoid hearing about a quarterback who was only ever going to be a little leaguer allows him to move on with his life.

The National Football League (NFL) has a reputation for being a brutal and unforgiving league. It’s impossible to have a quarterback who can’t pass on a club that doesn’t allow it. Regardless of their previous performance or popularity, players are systematically eliminated.

Belichick’s track record with rebuilding programs had many people hoping for a New England miracle. That’s what they thought he’d come up with so that he could act as backup to Tom Brady.

Tebow threw for 91 yards and a touchdown against the New York Giants

Owner Bob Kraft had declared earlier in the week that he hoped Tebow would make the team, but that didn’t cut it. Tebow threw for 91 yards and a touchdown against the New York Giants on Thursday, his greatest preseason performance yet.

When Tebow threw an 80-yard touchdown pass on the first play of overtime to help the Denver Broncos defeat the Pittsburgh Steelers 29-23 in the first round of the 2012 playoffs, Tebowmania reached its zenith. The popularity of Tebowing rose, and Tebow finally had the support he needed to become a starting quarterback in a league where passing is king.

After the game, Broncos running back Willis McGahee said, “He proved he is an NFL quarterback.” “Case Closed,” read the sign.

Not so fast, please! New England trounced Denver 45-10 to extinguish the Broncos’ short-lived postseason hopes, as Tom Brady threw six touchdown passes. It was a dreadful game for Tebow, who completed just nine of his attempts and had five of his passes sacked.

Dahlberg: Hard to imagine another chance for Tebow

Tim Tebow

The Jets wanted Tim Tebow badly, but John Elway couldn’t get him out of town fast enough. Despite Mark Sanchez’s quarterback self-destruction, Rex Ryan would not give Tim Tebow any playing time.

The Patriots have signed Belichick because he believes he can improve any football player. To say Tebow is unfit to play in the NFL is an understatement. He didn’t even make it to training camp with the Patriots.

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